Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is Malicha?

Ans: Malicha is an online platform to find and book hair stylists nearest to you. We aim to make engaging with the best professionals and services ( Hairstylists) quicker and easier as well as encouraging a community of beauty & wellness enthusiasts. We think it’s time for more professionals to leverage the Internet and grow their business and advertise themselves.

Q 2. What does it mean to be a Malicha Partner?

Ans: Malicha Partners enjoy specific benefits such as the chance to become featured on our Website Homepage and social media channels.

Q 3. How does the booking system work?

Ans: Malicha empowers professionals to create real-time availability for clients and anyone wishing to book their services. Simply search by location, choose a stylist , date & time and your booking will be stored in your ‘Booking History (appointment)’. When it’s confirmed by the professional you will receive an email notification/ text message /message on your dashboard .Before your scheduled appointment you will always receive an email reminder / Text message courtesy of Malicha. On our website you can generate and amend bookings anytime, anywhere 24/7!.

Q 4. Why can’t I log in to my account?

Ans: If you have a profile on Malicha simply click on the 'Forgot your password?' link and we'll send you a password reset link. If it turns out you don’t have an account, register here to get one.

Q5. How do I change my password?

Your password is part of your profile, so simply go to Settings and click on ‘Edit profile’, from there you can amend your password and save the changes.

Q 6. How can I make a complaint about a stylist?

Ans: It is important to us that any complaints are first communicated to the professional/stylist before leaving a review as we know that often issues can be smoothed out. If there is still a basis for disagreement then please let our team know via emailinfo@getmalicha .com
providing the following information:

Full Name

Email Address

Phone number

Order reference

Date of appointment

Summary of complaint

Outcome of feedback of the stylist

Please be brief and bullet-point your comments. We will then take up the matter with the stylist and will try our best to resolve the matter quickly.

Q 7. How do I change my booking?

Ans: You can access bookings in the ‘Booking History’ section of your account, here you can cancel or reschedule appointments.

Q 8. Where is my booking confirmation email?

Ans: Each time you book an appointment you should receive a confirmation email and messag eo nce it has been accepted by the stylist. If you haven’t received this firstly, check your junk/spam folder – if you find it there please label it as ‘not junk’/Spam for future reference. If you can’t see it in your junk you can get in touch with us at and we will send another one.

Q 9. Help! I have lost my booking confirmation email.

Ans: Don’t panic, your stylist is expecting you. Should there be any need to confirm your appointment at the venue just provide proof of your full name or present your reminder text message.

Q 10. I’m struggling to get in touch with a venue/customer.

Ans: Have you tried calling or sending an email? If you still can't get through, write to us at, supplying us with the following:

Order reference number

Your Full Name(s)

Your contact telephone number

We'll forward your details on with a request for them to confirm with you as soon as possible.

Q 11. How can I contribute to Malicha?

Ans: If you’re a content creator looking for a platform then Malicha is the place for you. Email us directly on with your Name, Location, Media Kit (if you have one) and your topic e.g. hair, nails, fashion, etc. Then you can pitch to us any ideas you have, the quickier the better, your email will be reviewed by one of our expert team who will get in touch with you personally to discuss your involvement further.

Q 12. How can I unsubscribe from one of your newsletters?

Ans: To unsubscribe from any of our emails you can click ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of the email. We hope that you don’t leave as we’re only just getting started and have some great content coming.

Q 13. Can you I remove a review posted on my profile?

Ans: The only way to remove a review is if the review was posted by mistake or was proven to be posted unrelated to an appointment. To challenge a review please email us at with the customer name and/or reference number of the appointment.

Q 14. What additional services do Malicha’s have access to?

Ans: You can get featured on our website, Newsletters and Social Media Channels, Emails and SMS Reminders for your customers, Customer Manager tools, Customer Invoicing.

Q 15. How does partnering with Malicha works?

Ans: Malicha gets 2% of every services that went through the website.

Q 16. Adverts and partnerships

Ans: Contact us directly for our media pack if you want to advertise on any of our platforms or want to collaborate with us. We are interested in hearing your proposals.